Our Team

ARC is a community-oriented lifestyle fitness facility that will allow you to transform the way you move! With climbing, yoga, and ARC Fit classes offered daily, we aim to provide a multi-dimensional fitness offering for people who are looking to balance and optimize how they maneuver through life.



Owner | Official ARC Number Cruncher

I was born and raised in Sudbury. In my early 20s, I moved to Vancouver for university, and I started climbing in Squamish. It took about ten seconds, and I was hooked!  When I moved back to Sudbury, I joined the Sudbury Climbing Club, and I started climbing at the university.  Having spent the better part of a decade in the Laurentian bouldering room with Sudbury’s climbing community, the prospect of opening a climbing gym has been a dream of ours for a while. 

Whether on a climbing trip in Kentucky, Las Vegas, Cuba, or West Virginia, we always lamented that we did not have a good place to prepare for the intensity of a proper climbing trip.  I hope time at ARC will help me rehabilitate a mild case acrophobia (fear of heights). 

During the day, I am a scientist who also has a passion for coffee, flying, golf, and pretty much any other outdoor activity.  You’ll usually find me with my sidekick, Ellie (my daughter), who often gets roped into her dad’s crazy adventures. See you at ARC!

Owner | Climbing Instructor

I love climbing.  I love the physical challenge, the mental challenge and the narrowing of one’s purpose in life for each climb to a simple, achievable goal…to get to the top.

I am an ACMG certified climbing instructor. I have been climbing for almost 20 years and enjoy sharing my passion with others.

Owner | Climbing Instructor

Of the things in life a person can be afraid of, I have a fear of heights; but I love climbing!  Like many Sudbury natives, I learned to climb in the Laurentian bouldering room, and I can’t believe that we are actually at the point where my vision of a perfect climbing gym has become a reality.

I have climbed across North America, and I have competed in provincial and national level climbing competitions. I think my favourite part about climbing is being able to push through both mental and physical barriers that would otherwise hold you back. Having spent considerable time around Ontario’s climbing gyms, I can’t wait for ARC to become part of the Ontario scene.

I am really proud of the gym we are building, and this project is something I am extremely passionate about. Please strike up a conversation with me anytime! I have some stories from my climbing adventures, and I hope to be able to share my passion with the local community.



Programming and Marketing Manager | Climbing Instructor

As a recent graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at Laurentian, I love all things adventurous and outside! I love to try new things, and climbing was one of them. I had my first taste of climbing back home in the Beaver Valley, and since then I’ve been working away at my skills. My fellow staff at ARC have been helping me with this, and also got me hooked on yoga. Now I’m trying to stick a handstand, and spend more time on the climbing wall.

I have a passion for teaching youth and designing fun programs that gets kids outside and active. I can’t wait to get going on more themed member nights, and look forward to developing programming to expand Sudbury’s climbing community!

I will never turn down coffee or chips, and you better watch your french fries around me. Can’t wait to get you all climbing!

Studio Manager | Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I am excited to be working at ARC and I love teaching and practicing yoga. I have completed my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Power Yoga Canada and my Level 1 and Level 2 teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste. I have also completed Little Pretzels (kids yoga) and Assisting training with PYC and workshops with Ray Long, and Bo Forbes in anatomy of yoga and yoga for anxiety and depression. My training has mainly focused on Power Vinyasa and I have a strong interest in using yoga to overcome life’s challenges and help us live our truest lives. I recently became a mother and I am excited to return to my practice and teaching with new insight and a new respect for all parents everywhere.

Why I teach: For me, yoga provides a consistent grounding and source of energy through all life’s ups and downs. Yoga has inspired me to work to my edge, not only in the challenging physical and mental aspects of my yoga practice, but also off my mat and in my life. I am excited to pass this inspiration on and I truly believe that how we show up and practice on our mat is how we show up in our lives. Yoga has provided me with a safe place to connect with myself and others.

Operations Manager

With physical fitness and a love of the outdoors shaping a great deal of my personality growing up, it was really only a matter of time before both climbing and yoga became an everyday part of my life.  Climbing was really introduced to me a few years ago by an avid climber I was living with in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and my love for the sport has really taken off since moving back to Ontario two years ago.  After summoning the courage and getting a handful of beginner yoga classes under my belt about a year ago it was easy to see the benefits of making it a normal part of my routine, and I look forward to taking my practice to the next level at ARC.

When I’m not at ARC you’ll find me exploring the expansive beauty around Sudbury either by foot or canoe, taking my dogs with me every step of the way. I also have a huge passion for gardening and any time I’m at home I spend the majority outside reshaping my front yard into a vegetable oasis.

I’ve spent the last 8 years planting trees and living the bush-life all over northern Ontario and into parts of Nova Scotia, spending several winters on the east coast while taking in everything the Maritimes have to offer. I committed to Sudbury full time in the spring of 2014 and was really pumped to find out that ARC was under construction and well under way to becoming the climbing hub that Sudbury had been missing for so long.  After getting to know the staff a bit it’s obvious I’ve made a great decision in joining the ARC team and can’t wait to take my climbing and yoga to new heights!

Head Route Setter | Climbing Instructor

As a recent graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at Laurentian, I am excited to be a part of the exploding climbing community in Sudbury. My very first climbs were with a high school outdoor education program. After moving to Sudbury for university it took one trip to the Laurentian bouldering room and I was hooked – a trip to MEC for shoes was clearly the next stop. Years later, here I am at ARC!

Outside of ARC, you can often find me out and about running, biking, canoeing, hiking, and enjoying an awesome burger at a classy establishment.

Ever since I experienced that inability to move my arms the day after a solid climb, I have had a passion for climbing, and for getting people to join me – I’m looking forward to getting y’all on the wall!


Yoga + Fitness Instructors

Yoga Instructor

After competing as a power-tumbler, studying kinesiology, biochemistry and education at the University of Ottawa, and coaching gymnastics and trampoline across Canada, I’m thrilled to be back in Sudbury to share my knowledge and experience at the helm of ARC’s yoga studio. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and a recognized exercise professional with Exercise is Medicine Canada.

My own journey toward fitness, mindfulness and balance in my life encompasses climbing, running and practicing yoga. Outside of ARC, I can often be found climbing with or chasing after my boundlessly energetic toddler daughter. We are also currently on a quest to explore every provincial park in Ontario.

A personal mantra is that happiness, like love, increases when it is shared; I teach to share happiness, light, and good health with those who practice with me, to model positive lifestyle values for my daughter, and to help grow the encouraging, inspiring and supportive fitness and yoga community that exists in our beautiful city.

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I’m originally from Nova Scotia. I grew up in Cape Breton and went to university in Halifax to study Biology. I did my 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2010 at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Val Morin, Quebec. I fell in love with the ashram life and stayed the entire summer. While there I also completed a certificate in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy which added to my passion for holistic health care. I hope to continue my journey along this path and move into Naturopathy or Nutrition in the future but for now I am pleased to have some free time for adventures and hobbies. For the last 7 years I’ve spent my spring season in different areas of northern Ontario planting trees and I’ve stayed a few summers to hike the Bruce Trail or do some farm work. I love the outdoors and I’m excited to do more exploring around the area. My long term goal is to have a secluded farm in the woods dedicated to health and happiness where people can come to heal, grow, learn, open up and have fun.

Why I teach: I’ve always had an interest in natural health and that’s what drew me towards yoga. I feel yoga is exercise, medicine, recreation, therapy and a lesson on life all rolled into one. I believe yoga can change the world by helping people open up and feel great!


Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I am a Librarian at Health Sciences North by day and yoga teacher by night. I received my yoga teaching certification in 2012 in Ashtanga yoga through the Himalaya Yoga Valley Center in India. I am also certified in Zero-Gravity Aerial Yoga and Pilates. I believe you should never stop learning or challenging yourself, but you should also never take yourself too seriously. A healthy lifestyle should be fun – smile, laugh, and enjoy the process.

Why I teach: I attended my very first yoga class in university. I was struggling with weight and anxiety issues, and suffered from back pain. Somehow my friend convinced me to try yoga and we accidentally ended up at a 90 minute advanced hot yoga class. I spent over half of that class in Child’s Pose just trying to catch my breath while sweat was pouring out of places I didn’t even know possible. Though this maybe should have been a disastrous first experience, the minute I stepped out of that studio I felt incredible. I felt lighter, happier, and more in tune with myself than I had ever felt before. I teach because I still feel that way after every practice. Yoga has taught me how to love the life I lead and to enjoy all aspects of my body, my mind and my emotions both on and off the mat. I teach because I want to share this experience with others in any way I can.

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: Casandra spends her days trying to catch her breath. The art of yoga came into her life as she was a teenager and while she had no concept of ancient yogic tradition – something kept bringing her back to her mat. Casandra completed her 200hr YTT with Joanne at Bend Yoga Studio in 2015. She was given an incredible foundation in understanding some of the eastern concepts in our western way. Casandra is learning to approach yoga with respect to its original teachings and its process of colonization. Casandra handles her yoga bundle with care and is always reminding herself that she will always be the student.

Why I teach: I teach because yoga, as I understand it, has become my anchor. It has helped me see that I have a body; a body that is worthy of so much love, forgiveness and understanding. I teach because I know what it’s like to live in a body that feels unlovable. I also teach because yoga has shown me my own roots. Not the ethnic kind but still ancestral. It has shown me what has fed me for 22 years. Yoga has shown me that I can uproot all that does not serve nor belong to me. And therefore I teach because I feel like I can, in my own way, understand the depths of our collective pain and equally, our gratitude for choosing to walk on Mother Earth at this time.

Yoga Instructor
What I’m up to: In 2011 I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Semperviva Yoga while I was living in Vancouver and working towards my Masters degree in Environmental Toxicology at SFU. I went on to complete my 50-hour Yin Yoga certification with Semperviva. I moved back to Sudbury in 2012 and I love everything that this city has to offer from accessibility to the outdoors to our thriving arts and music scenes. I strive to find balance in my daily life between raising a toddler and baby with my husband to finding time for my passions and supporting those I love to follow theirs. I am passionate about yoga, cooking, canoeing, hiking and being creative.
Why I teach: I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I initially started practicing for the physical benefits but found that I kept coming back for its ability to reduce stress. I love all styles of yoga but I really fell in love with Yin and Kundalini by the end of my training, two styles that I initially had a lot of resistance towards. I really have found that you typically shy away from what you really need. By embracing this philosophy I strive to bring more balance into my life and I teach to help others bring more balance into theirs.

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to:  In short I’m constantly trying to simplify my life while enjoying it! The latter usually includes some form of physical activity supplemented with good music, great food, and even better people. Lately a lot of time has been spent developing the ARC Fit program, which is a blend of my various interests including martial arts, yoga, body-weight training, and gymnastics. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with the Yoga Alliance, a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and an Agatsu certified Kettlebell instructor. I’ve also been privileged to work with some of the world’s best movers, from internationally renowned freestyle skiers to the likes of Ido Portal, acclaimed hand balancing specialist and body movement artist.

Why I teach:  So that I can share my practice with others to give them an opportunity to improve their quality of life. Whether through a chilled out yoga class or a mindful but intense workout, I feel like my perpetual curiosity has yielded all sorts of worthwhile insights, which I love to share with anyone who’s interested!

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to:  I just recently was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to the magical island of Kythira in Greece to complete my yoga teacher training. My passion for health and fitness, my background in gymnastics and my studies in health from many different perspectives have led me to teach yoga and fitness classes on a part time basis and I’m loving every minute of it. Having worked in a number of healthcare settings has made me realize the importance of staying active, healthy and enjoying every moment. My goals are to keep striving for a balanced lifestyle and to stay focused on the things I am most passionate about.

Why I teach:  I teach because I want to share my passion for movement and fitness; because it’s motivating to see people taking time for themselves; and it’s inspiring to observe people getting stronger, achieve their goals and leave with a smile.

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to:  I am in a creative phase of life. I am contributing to the development of a few young businesses, helping to inspire possibility in others, and continually endeavoring to foster positive change in myself. I received my yoga teacher certification through Power Yoga Canada (Baptiste methodology) and Blooma Prenatal Yoga. I love the combination of these styles as they both come from a place of empowerment and growth.

Why I teach:  I teach because I am a Naturopathic Doctor and by teaching in the community I can help my patients fully integrate exercise into their lives and make positive change, both on and off their mats. Teaching yoga also holds me accountable to my own personal growth both mentally and physically. I love the community at ARC, and feel so fortunate to be a part of it!

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I was an elementary teacher for many years. After retirement I traveled to Kythira Greece and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I have also recently acquired my real estate license and am working as a salesperson in Sudbury. I am very excited to be teaching at ARC and look forward to the new challenge.

Why I teach: I have always been an active person and yoga has helped me find balance and listen to my body. I want to share the many benefits you can achieve from a yoga practice. My biggest reward is watching people get stronger physically and mentally and allowing themselves to relax and be present on their mat. I believe yoga is for everyone!

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I am enjoying all of my passions in life. I am a Certified Orthotist C.O. (c), an entrepreneur, a yoga instructor, a Fletcher Pilates Intensive Licensed Provider, and an advocate for active and healthy lifestyles. I have been practicing Vinyasa Yoga for four years and recently completed my yoga training with Romano Formicuccia at The Yoga Loft in Windsor, Ontario.  My training focused on Vinyasa Yoga encompassing Ashtanga, Power Flow, Slow Flow and Yin Yoga. As I juggle raising a toddler, utilizing various professional skills, building a global home-business and staying active, it is my daily yoga practice that helps me focus, rebalance, and find serenity, so that I may offer those around me the best me. I am a lifelong learner, growing and improving daily. I aim to inspire people to be healthier, better versions of themselves.

Why I teach: I had sustained several injuries over the years and after a severe injury to my lower back four years ago, Vinyasa Yoga helped me heal. The diminishment of pain and gradual return of mobility to my body was astonishing. Since then, yoga has become an essential component of my daily routine. I teach to share my knowledge, help people feel better, move freely and functionally with grace and agility, and lead an injury-free life.  Come keep calm and get your yoga on.

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I am Registered Dietitian, yoga instructor, outdoor enthusiast and traveller. I completed my 200-hour yoga training in 2013 at Power Yoga Canada.  As a seeker of delicious food and adrenaline rushes, you’ll find me sampling fabulous foods, running, biking, hiking or trying something new! If you want an energetic, light-hearted and powerful class, come visit me at ARC!

Why I teach: I started practicing yoga 10 years ago as a means to help heal injuries and relieve stress. Since then, I continue to incorporate yoga into my life as a way to help prevent injury to my body, mind and spirit. Yoga strengthens and grounds me on and off the mat. In 2013, I finally took the plunge and went to Power Yoga Canada teacher training. What was once a pastime has become a passion that pushes my limits, requiring creativity, vulnerability and confidence. Teaching yoga is an empowering and humbling experience! It’s fun!

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: Being very energetic and passionate in my undertakings has brought me to take on an active lifestyle early in my life. As an approach to creating a fit and healthy body, I certified as a Canadian Fitness Professional Instructor and started teaching fitness in Sudbury and in my community of French River. I did this in my spare time as I’ve been working full time for 34 years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in the city of Sudbury. When yoga was gaining popularity, I was asked if I would consider teaching yoga in my community. I was reluctant, as I knew very little about Yoga other than I thought it meant I had to slow down. I began by learning yoga through workshops and conferences in Toronto. I started teaching “Yoga Fundamentals” and the feedback I received from the students was gratifying. It took one full year of teaching yoga for me to understand the holistic benefits of mind fitness. I continued my education in fitness by certifying in Pilates 1, Yoga for Runners and a 200hr Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh, India. My plan is to always be a student of yoga.

Why I teach: My role as a teacher is to help yogis find release and strength physically and mentally. I seek to help them discover themselves while creating balance in their day to day life.
I enjoy teaching at the ARC yoga studio because of the support, inspiration, empowerment, personal connections and the spirit of freedom.

Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: Teresa has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  She received her Transcendental Meditation initiation 17 years ago and has been practicing meditation since. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with Kathryn Beet at the Yoga Space Studio in Toronto and completed a teachers training with the school in 2003. Teresa completed her Moksha Yoga (Hot Yoga) teacher training with Ted Grant in 2005.

Why I teach: Yoga filled my life with joy and peace at a time when I was struggling to understand the human violence I was surrounded by in Cape Town, South Africa. The gifts of yoga took me to my true self and allowed me to be free and whole. Both meditation and yoga for me is a way of life and it confirms daily this concept of loving-kindness.

As a teacher I want to impart these same gifts to my students and all who I come in contact with.  I want to share this beautiful transformative experience. I want my students to know that transformation and integration is possible through patience, persistence and commitment to a regular yoga practice. I want to model the gift of love and healing in my teachings and living.  We can transform this world to a beautiful world of peace and love through the practice of yoga.


Climbing Instructors

Youth Climbing Instructor

I’m a student at Laurentian University for the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program, with a minor in Outdoor Occupational Health and Safety, and I love climbing! I’ve been climbing at indoor gyms for about 10 years now, and I just got introduced to climbing outdoors 2 years ago.

Outside of climbing, I love cooking, crafting, tea, and learning about the outdoors.

I love all of the mental and physical aspects of climbing, and I really enjoy watching people discover that love for themselves!

Youth Climbing Instructor

I am a grade 12 student at St. Benedict School.  I enjoy many activities such as climbing, hockey, swimming, hiking, slacklining and so much more. When I was younger I lived in Indonesia and this was where I started to love the outdoors and climbing. I would climb anything, anywhere and so when I found out that ARC had opened, I was thrilled! Since then I have climbed non-stop, climbed outdoors and gone to various competitions.  Climbing the perfect sport, it not only is physically challenging but mentally challenging as well.   Being able to get to the top of a climb that you’ve been working on for weeks is a feeling that’s out of this world.

Youth Climbing Instructor

Growing up on French Canadian farm, we always had school groups that came to visit every month. I always loved teaching them about the cool farm facts I knew. As this love for teaching stayed with me, physical fitness and the open air also made their way into my heart. Since my first year as an Outdoor Adventure Leadership student rock climbing became a new passion. After many years of playing a variety of sports, nothing gave me a greater sense of accomplishment than getting to the top of a climb. Rock climbing satisfied my passion for fitness while keeping me outside. To have the chance to teach this passion with the youth rec group is something I am very grateful for.

Youth Climbing Instructor | Intro to Climbing Instructor

Bio in the works.

Youth Climbing Instructor

Although relatively new to the sport of climbing it has quickly become my favorite activity. While I enjoy the challenges that come with indoor climbing I love taking this sport outdoors where I can enjoy the sun, fresh air and cool rock! When I was first introduced to the sport I was terrified of heights but have since grown to love the feeling that comes with overcoming the nerves and getting to the top of a route. I really enjoy being able to share this sport with people and see their excitement grow as they conquer challenges of their own on the wall.

Youth Climbing Instructor

As an Outdoor Adventure Leadership Student at Laurentian University I love just about anything outdoors! My very first climb was at Bethel Lake a couple of years ago, and since then, I’ve been hooked!

When I’m not at ARC, you can probably find me out climbing, hiking, canoeing, slacklining, or enjoying breakfast foods at any time of the day.

I love the feeling of sending a route for the first time, and hope to help other people discover whatever it is that inspires them to keep climbing!