Aerial yoga uses nylon hammocks (also known as silks) suspended from the ceiling to gently support your body through various yoga postures. While there are a few variations of Aerial Yoga out there, at ARC we teach the original: Zero-Gravity Aerial Yoga (ZGA) and our teachers were trained by the creator of this style, Suzanne Hennig (ERYT500). The practice is a yoga/acrobatic/fitness program designed to increase overall health, physical strength and flexibility while having fun.

The suspension of your body in the silks allows you to deeply relax muscles you would otherwise be engaging if doing the same pose on the ground. Aerial inversions allow your spine to decompress, increasing intervertebral separation, improving the health of your spine, potentially decreasing back pain and leading to long term health and wellness.   

The experience is amazing. All levels of practice are welcome to come try!

There are no strength requirements for any of the intro classes or workshops or parties.  Not all poses are acrobatic. Many poses are done standing on the ground, sitting or lying in the silk.

Wear comfortable, fitting clothing that covers your armpits and the backs of your knees. This is for hygienic reasons and also to protect your skin from potential friction from the silk. Your clothing should also be snug, so your shirt doesn’t fall over your face if upside down. You should also tie long hair back, remove any jewelry and have trim/filed nails.