Our Team

ARC is a community-oriented lifestyle fitness facility that will allow you to transform the way you move! With climbing, yoga, and ARC Fit classes offered daily, we aim to provide a multi-dimensional fitness offering for people who are looking to balance and optimize how they maneuver through life.


Programming and Marketing Manager | Climbing Instructor

As a recent graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at Laurentian, I love all things adventurous and outside! I love to try new things, and climbing was one of them. I had my first taste of climbing back home in the Beaver Valley, and since then I’ve been working away at my skills. My fellow staff at ARC have been helping me with this, and also got me hooked on yoga. Now I’m trying to stick a handstand, and spend more time on the climbing wall.

I have a passion for teaching youth and designing fun programs that gets kids outside and active. I can’t wait to get going on more themed member nights, and look forward to developing programming to expand Sudbury’s climbing community!

I will never turn down coffee or chips, and you better watch your french fries around me. Can’t wait to get you all climbing!

Operations Manager

With physical fitness and a love of the outdoors shaping a great deal of my personality growing up, it was really only a matter of time before both climbing and yoga became an everyday part of my life.  Climbing was really introduced to me a few years ago by an avid climber I was living with in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and my love for the sport has really taken off since moving back to Ontario two years ago.  After summoning the courage and getting a handful of beginner yoga classes under my belt about a year ago it was easy to see the benefits of making it a normal part of my routine, and I look forward to taking my practice to the next level at ARC.

When I’m not at ARC you’ll find me exploring the expansive beauty around Sudbury either by foot or canoe, taking my dogs with me every step of the way. I also have a huge passion for gardening and any time I’m at home I spend the majority outside reshaping my front yard into a vegetable oasis.

I’ve spent the last 8 years planting trees and living the bush-life all over northern Ontario and into parts of Nova Scotia, spending several winters on the east coast while taking in everything the Maritimes have to offer. I committed to Sudbury full time in the spring of 2014 and was really pumped to find out that ARC was under construction and well under way to becoming the climbing hub that Sudbury had been missing for so long.  After getting to know the staff a bit it’s obvious I’ve made a great decision in joining the ARC team and can’t wait to take my climbing and yoga to new heights!

Head Route Setter | Climbing Instructor

As a recent graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at Laurentian, I am excited to be a part of the exploding climbing community in Sudbury. My very first climbs were with a high school outdoor education program. After moving to Sudbury for university it took one trip to the Laurentian bouldering room and I was hooked – a trip to MEC for shoes was clearly the next stop. Years later, here I am at ARC!

Outside of ARC, you can often find me out and about running, biking, canoeing, hiking, and enjoying an awesome burger at a classy establishment.

Ever since I experienced that inability to move my arms the day after a solid climb, I have had a passion for climbing, and for getting people to join me – I’m looking forward to getting y’all on the wall!


Climbing Instructors

Youth Climbing Instructor

I’m a student at Laurentian University for the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program, with a minor in Outdoor Occupational Health and Safety, and I love climbing! I’ve been climbing at indoor gyms for about 10 years now, and I just got introduced to climbing outdoors 2 years ago.

Outside of climbing, I love cooking, crafting, tea, and learning about the outdoors.

I love all of the mental and physical aspects of climbing, and I really enjoy watching people discover that love for themselves!

Youth Climbing Instructor

I am a grade 12 student at St. Benedict School.  I enjoy many activities such as climbing, hockey, swimming, hiking, slacklining and so much more. When I was younger I lived in Indonesia and this was where I started to love the outdoors and climbing. I would climb anything, anywhere and so when I found out that ARC had opened, I was thrilled! Since then I have climbed non-stop, climbed outdoors and gone to various competitions.  Climbing the perfect sport, it not only is physically challenging but mentally challenging as well.   Being able to get to the top of a climb that you’ve been working on for weeks is a feeling that’s out of this world.

Youth Climbing Instructor | Intro to Climbing Instructor

Bio in the works.

Youth Climbing Instructor

Although relatively new to the sport of climbing it has quickly become my favorite activity. While I enjoy the challenges that come with indoor climbing I love taking this sport outdoors where I can enjoy the sun, fresh air and cool rock! When I was first introduced to the sport I was terrified of heights but have since grown to love the feeling that comes with overcoming the nerves and getting to the top of a route. I really enjoy being able to share this sport with people and see their excitement grow as they conquer challenges of their own on the wall.

Youth Climbing Instructor

As an Outdoor Adventure Leadership Student at Laurentian University I love just about anything outdoors! My very first climb was at Bethel Lake a couple of years ago, and since then, I’ve been hooked!

When I’m not at ARC, you can probably find me out climbing, hiking, canoeing, slacklining, or enjoying breakfast foods at any time of the day.

I love the feeling of sending a route for the first time, and hope to help other people discover whatever it is that inspires them to keep climbing!