Do I have to fill out a waiver form?

You bet you do. Everyone has to fill out a waiver form when they come to ARC. You can do that here. If you’ve been here before we likely have it on file. Please keep in mind a parent or legal-guardian must fill out waivers for anyone under the age of 18.

Can I just drop-in or do I need an appointment?

You are welcome to drop-in to climb whenever we’re open, and to any yoga class on the schedule. Appointments are only needed for group bookings, rent-a-belayers, and for pre-registration offerings.

How much is it for an hour or a day… or how does this work?

We operate on a day pass system here at ARC if you don’t have a membership. Your pass is for an entire day, so you can come and go as much as you want! Check out our prices here.

Can I use the ropes?

Only if you know how to belay.

What is belaying?

Ok, so you won’t be able to use the ropes yet.

In short belaying is a system climbers use to handle the ropes and catch a climber should they fall. We are currently offering a sweet deal on Introductory Memberships – one month of full access to ARC, gear included and free Intro to Climb course.

Do you have any auto-belays?

Yes! We have 5 in the gym that you can use if you’re dropping in to climb for the first time, don’t know how to belay yet, or are climbing solo for the day.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering in the gym is essentially climbing without the use of ropes or auto-belays. It takes place on a shorter wall, with big mats to catch your falls.

Can I wear these shoes?

You are welcome to bring your own shoes as long as they’re clean. If we didn’t see you carry them in you will likely be asked to rent some. They’re only $3, and they are designed for climbing.

Is yoga included?

Yes it is! *high-fives* The new pricing for your day pass at ARC includes unlimited climbing and yoga.

I’m already a climber and know how to belay.

Awesome. Just like every other gym we will run through a quick belay test with you before you can belay in the gym. Its free and any of our front desk staff can test you. We allow the use of ATCs as well as the Grigri in the gym. Our Grigris aren’t on the ropes, but we can walk you through attaching one.

We do allow lead climbing in the gym and even provide lead ropes for you. Only our lead instructors can test you for that though. Give us a call before you come in and we can let you know if someone will be around to test you.

Can I teach my friend how to belay?

Nope. Send them our way for more info on an Intro to Climb course.