• Please arrive on time; aim for arriving at least 10-15 min early to check in at the desk, organize yourself for practice, settle in and become present in the room.  If you do arrive a few minutes late, prepare your things before you enter the studio so you can minimize disruption to the other yogis.
  • Please leave your shoes, jacket and bag in the entrance area. There are coat hooks and cubbies for your things.
  • Please turn your cell phone off.
  • Our studio is a quiet place, if you need to speak, please do so quietly.
  • Please avoid wearing strong smelling fragrances.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. We have a water bottle filling station.
  • Come hydrated and allow at least 2 hours of digestion after large meals
  • Tell your teacher about any injuries, health conditions or if you are pregnant. There are modifications and alternatives for every pose and every body.
  • Some of our teachers offer hands on assists to help you find alignment and form and also to help deepen your experience of a pose.  If you do not wish to be touched please let your teacher know.
  • Always practice at your own level. Never compare or compete, even with yourself. Learn to relax with what is right now.
  • Please pick up after yourself. Clean your space, mat and put away all props.

Age Policy

Children ages 9-11 can attend our yoga classes if accompanied by an adult who is also practicing in the class (except for aerial yoga).  Children 12 and up can attend any yoga class on their own, including aerial yoga.  Children ages 5-11 can attend the kids yoga classes on their own. Children ages 5-11 can attend family yoga classes with an adult who is also participating in the class.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Changes and cancellations may be made free of charge and with a full refund up to 1 week prior to the event.
If changes or cancellations are made within one week to 48hrs prior to the event, a credit equal to the value of the event will be applied to your account (no cash refund).
If changes or cancellations are made within 48hrs of the event the full amount of the event is forfeited.