ARC Team Building Experience

DSC_4815Take team building and corporate wellness to the next level with a unique climbing experience that will transform the way you work together!

Corporate bookings at ARC are designed to foster trust, cooperation and leadership amongst members of any work team through innovative team-building activities on the climbing wall. Corporate wellness programming takes group bookings at ARC to the next level with thoughtful programming tailored to each group’s needs.


Why Rock Climbing?


Interpersonal, listening and observational skills are essential for a safe experience climbing, and trigger positive changes throughout your work culture and in morale.


Rock-climbing is as simple as bowling, only more interactive! The social and adrenaline-pumping activity builds camaraderie and increases team communication.


Rock climbing is the ideal backdrop to support each other, overcome team challenges, learn team responsibility, realize team strengths and celebrate collective success.


The price is $35/person for a two-hour climb with harness rental included. These bookings are also staffed with an appropriate number of experienced and knowledgeable climbing instructors based on the size of the group, so that each climber can receive lots of focused attention and coaching on the wall, and lots of opportunity to participate in all programming.

The ARC Team Building Experience is also fully customizable to suit each company’s needs. For example, a business booking may also opt for a health + wellness focus, and we can incorporate a yoga class or a lecture/discussion on relevant topics like workplace stress, time management, etc. through our resources in the community (naturopathic doctors, personal trainers, and other professionals).

These bookings are appropriate for groups of up to 40 people (we may be able to accommodate larger groups on a case-by-case basis). For groups of up to 15 people, we encourage you to contact Salute Coffee Company for a post-climb meeting space appropriate for conference, AGMs, awards or other business meetings. We also have a small meeting space available on-site at ARC.

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