Owner | Climbing Instructor

Of the things in life a person can be afraid of, I have a fear of heights; but I love climbing!  Like many Sudbury natives, I learned to climb in the Laurentian bouldering room, and I can’t believe that we are actually at the point where my vision of a perfect climbing gym has become a reality.

I have climbed across North America, and I have competed in provincial and national level climbing competitions. I think my favourite part about climbing is being able to push through both mental and physical barriers that would otherwise hold you back. Having spent considerable time around Ontario’s climbing gyms, I can’t wait for ARC to become part of the Ontario scene.

I am really proud of the gym we are building, and this project is something I am extremely passionate about. Please strike up a conversation with me anytime! I have some stories from my climbing adventures, and I hope to be able to share my passion with the local community.