Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I am a Librarian at Health Sciences North by day and yoga teacher by night. I received my yoga teaching certification in 2012 in Ashtanga yoga through the Himalaya Yoga Valley Center in India. I am also certified in Zero-Gravity Aerial Yoga and Pilates. I believe you should never stop learning or challenging yourself, but you should also never take yourself too seriously. A healthy lifestyle should be fun – smile, laugh, and enjoy the process.

Why I teach: I attended my very first yoga class in university. I was struggling with weight and anxiety issues, and suffered from back pain. Somehow my friend convinced me to try yoga and we accidentally ended up at a 90 minute advanced hot yoga class. I spent over half of that class in Child’s Pose just trying to catch my breath while sweat was pouring out of places I didn’t even know possible. Though this maybe should have been a disastrous first experience, the minute I stepped out of that studio I felt incredible. I felt lighter, happier, and more in tune with myself than I had ever felt before. I teach because I still feel that way after every practice. Yoga has taught me how to love the life I lead and to enjoy all aspects of my body, my mind and my emotions both on and off the mat. I teach because I want to share this experience with others in any way I can.