Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: Casandra spends her days trying to catch her breath. The art of yoga came into her life as she was a teenager and while she had no concept of ancient yogic tradition – something kept bringing her back to her mat. Casandra completed her 200hr YTT with Joanne at Bend Yoga Studio in 2015. She was given an incredible foundation in understanding some of the eastern concepts in our western way. Casandra is learning to approach yoga with respect to its original teachings and its process of colonization. Casandra handles her yoga bundle with care and is always reminding herself that she will always be the student.

Why I teach: I teach because yoga, as I understand it, has become my anchor. It has helped me see that I have a body; a body that is worthy of so much love, forgiveness and understanding. I teach because I know what it’s like to live in a body that feels unlovable. I also teach because yoga has shown me my own roots. Not the ethnic kind but still ancestral. It has shown me what has fed me for 22 years. Yoga has shown me that I can uproot all that does not serve nor belong to me. And therefore I teach because I feel like I can, in my own way, understand the depths of our collective pain and equally, our gratitude for choosing to walk on Mother Earth at this time.