Yoga Instructor
What I’m up to: In 2011 I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Semperviva Yoga while I was living in Vancouver and working towards my Masters degree in Environmental Toxicology at SFU. I went on to complete my 50-hour Yin Yoga certification with Semperviva. I moved back to Sudbury in 2012 and I love everything that this city has to offer from accessibility to the outdoors to our thriving arts and music scenes. I strive to find balance in my daily life between raising a toddler and baby with my husband to finding time for my passions and supporting those I love to follow theirs. I am passionate about yoga, cooking, canoeing, hiking and being creative.
Why I teach: I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I initially started practicing for the physical benefits but found that I kept coming back for its ability to reduce stress. I love all styles of yoga but I really fell in love with Yin and Kundalini by the end of my training, two styles that I initially had a lot of resistance towards. I really have found that you typically shy away from what you really need. By embracing this philosophy I strive to bring more balance into my life and I teach to help others bring more balance into theirs.