Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: I am enjoying all of my passions in life. I am a Certified Orthotist C.O. (c), an entrepreneur, a yoga instructor, a Fletcher Pilates Intensive Licensed Provider, and an advocate for active and healthy lifestyles. I have been practicing Vinyasa Yoga for four years and recently completed my yoga training with Romano Formicuccia at The Yoga Loft in Windsor, Ontario.  My training focused on Vinyasa Yoga encompassing Ashtanga, Power Flow, Slow Flow and Yin Yoga. As I juggle raising a toddler, utilizing various professional skills, building a global home-business and staying active, it is my daily yoga practice that helps me focus, rebalance, and find serenity, so that I may offer those around me the best me. I am a lifelong learner, growing and improving daily. I aim to inspire people to be healthier, better versions of themselves.

Why I teach: I had sustained several injuries over the years and after a severe injury to my lower back four years ago, Vinyasa Yoga helped me heal. The diminishment of pain and gradual return of mobility to my body was astonishing. Since then, yoga has become an essential component of my daily routine. I teach to share my knowledge, help people feel better, move freely and functionally with grace and agility, and lead an injury-free life.  Come keep calm and get your yoga on.