Yoga Instructor

What I’m up to: Teresa has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  She received her Transcendental Meditation initiation 17 years ago and has been practicing meditation since. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with Kathryn Beet at the Yoga Space Studio in Toronto and completed a teachers training with the school in 2003. Teresa completed her Moksha Yoga (Hot Yoga) teacher training with Ted Grant in 2005.

Why I teach: Yoga filled my life with joy and peace at a time when I was struggling to understand the human violence I was surrounded by in Cape Town, South Africa. The gifts of yoga took me to my true self and allowed me to be free and whole. Both meditation and yoga for me is a way of life and it confirms daily this concept of loving-kindness.

As a teacher I want to impart these same gifts to my students and all who I come in contact with.  I want to share this beautiful transformative experience. I want my students to know that transformation and integration is possible through patience, persistence and commitment to a regular yoga practice. I want to model the gift of love and healing in my teachings and living.  We can transform this world to a beautiful world of peace and love through the practice of yoga.