Studio Manager

I completed my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Power Yoga Canada (PYC) and Level 1 and Level 2 teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste and Paige Elenson. I  have also completed Little Pretzels (kids yoga), Assisting training with PYC and workshops with Ray Long, and Bo Forbes in anatomy of yoga as well as yoga for anxiety and depression. I have also completed Zero Gravity Aerial Yoga Training with Suzanne Hennig. Most recently I have completed an 8 week course on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for my own personal growth. Yoga has inspired me to work to my edge, not only physically and mentally in my yoga practice, but also off my mat and in my life. I am excited to pass this inspiration on and I truly believe that how we show up and practice on our mat is how we show up in our lives. Yoga has provided me with a safe place to connect with myself and others. I love teaching and practicing yoga at ARC its my second home.


I was trained in Sivananda Yoga in 2009 and I have continued my Yoga education through subsequent trainings and personal research. It is a passion of mine to combine ancient theory with new research in movement therapies. As the world changes, it is natural that our physical challenges change as well. I try to keep this in mind while also honoring the deep wisdom and roots of classical Yoga. I attempt to vary each of my classes in order to keep the body moving in different ways. It is my hope that participants are not simply learning Asana but also learning how to move the body safely with awareness in every day life. Consistent themes you’ll hear in my classes include balancing strength and softness, an awareness of breath and subtle sensation in the body, and constant encouragement to create your own practice by choosing modifications and leaving space for inner listening. I emphasize that when you arrive on your mat this is your practice, not mine or anyone else’s. I am hoping that you can willingly hear my suggestions for practice and then use those to create something special for yourself. The best analogy for this is Yoga as art: You arrive as a blank canvas, I give you the colors but you create the masterpiece. There is no ‘perfect’ Yoga in the same way as there is no ‘perfect’ piece of art. I believe the greatest goal we can achieve on our mat is connecting to our true selves and hearing our true needs for our body, our mind and our life.


I am a Librarian at Health Sciences North by day and yoga teacher by night. I received my yoga teaching certification in 2012 in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga through the Himalaya Yoga Valley Center in India. I am also certified in Zero-Gravity Aerial Yoga and Pilates. I believe you should never stop learning or challenging yourself, but you should also never take yourself too seriously. A healthy lifestyle should be fun – smile, laugh, and enjoy the process. Yoga has taught me how to love the life I lead and to enjoy all aspects of my body, my mind and my emotions both on and off the mat. I teach because I want to share this experience with others in any way that I can.


My formal education includes a 200hr YTT which I completed with Joanne Pettit-Myers at Bend Yoga Studio, 2015. I have completed several Master Classes and immersions studying deeper into Chakra Theory, Yoga Tantra Philosophy, Yin foundations and enhancement practices, Shaking Medicine, and Facia. I bring an eclectic bundle of embodiment practices to my classes. These are based around movement, mindfulness, imagination, laughter, shaking, sighing, yawning and breathing. As a teacher, I arrive to my classes with all my mentors behind me. Some of them embody the movement part of Yoga while others are simply instrumental and work through me as I teach. In my classes, you can expect to be challenged, encouraged and nurtured. Manorama beautifully said, “The mind wants what it doesn’t have and has what it doesn’t want. The mind always wants what’s new. It’s always looking for what’s new. We always ask our friends “what’s new?” I wonder why we are not asking them “what’s steady and continuous?” What hasn’t changed? Because that’s what we are doing in Yoga, we are looking for that thing that hasn’t changed since I saw you last.” My passion is making Yoga wisdom accessible. Join me on the mat as I translate my practice and extend it to you, so that you too may remember that thing that hasn’t changed since the last time you saw you.


Emily is an enthusiastic and energetic yoga teacher born and raised in Sudbury. She began practicing yoga in her teens and instantly connected with the mind body aspect of her practice. Emily‘s passion for yoga grew greater each time she rolled out her mat and it did not take her long to decide she needed to share this passion with others. Emily has lived experience with depression, anxiety and body image issues and has used her practice to manage her mental health. In 2016, she created the Sudbury Yogathon for Mental Health, a fundraiser designed to bring together all ages and breeds of yogis to raise awareness and funds for mental health. Her vision of a mentally healthy and accepting community stems into the studio, with her classes being multi-leveled and focused on breath work and self-awareness. If you can’t find her in the studio, she can be found spreading mental health awareness throughout the community with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Although her heart lies in a Baptiste Power yoga influenced practice, Emily enjoys teaching restorative, prenatal and aerial yoga. She combines her love for travel with her practice, working throughout the Caribbean and teaching yoga to guests from all over the world at all inclusive resorts.


I have been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years. In 2011 I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Semperviva Yoga while I was living in Vancouver and working towards my Masters degree in Environmental Toxicology. I went on to complete my 50-hour Yin Yoga certification with Semperviva. I strive to find balance in my daily life between raising three kids with my husband to finding time for my passions and supporting those I love to follow theirs. I am passionate about yoga, cooking, canoeing, hiking and being creative. I initially started practicing for the physical benefits but found that I kept coming back for its ability to reduce stress. I love all styles of yoga but I really fell in love with Yin and Kundalini by the end of my training, two styles that I initially had a lot of resistance towards. I really have found that you typically shy away from what you really need. By embracing this philosophy I strive to bring more balance into my life and I teach to help others bring more balance into theirs.


I was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a child.   As a youth I began adopting western ways which resulted in my abandoning my yoga and meditation practice.  Life struggles, pursuing a career, raising a child, graduate school studies and running a business made life complicated, exhausting and at times turbulent.  My return to yoga provided the peace and balance I sought.  Recognizing the gift that yoga has been to me motivated me to share this gift with others.   I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training with Shirley Williams in Collingwood, Ontario and my children’s yoga teacher training with Aruna Humphrey (Young Yoga Masters) in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I have also completed my restorative yoga training with Andrea Peloso in Toronto, Ontario.   As a mental health professional and yoga instructor it is my passion to marry these two roles.

The beauty of asanas wrapped in our breath, being present, truly connecting with ourselves … what a gift to receive and to share.


My passion for health and fitness, my background in gymnastics and my studies in health from many different perspectives have led me to teach yoga. I currently hold my 200 yoga teacher training certificate (YTT), recognized by YTT Yoga Alliance. I teach because I want to share my passion for movement and fitness; because I motivated to see people taking time for themselves; and it’s inspiring to observe people getting stronger, achieve their goals and leave with a smile. I teach for my own personal development, to bring presence and balance to my own life.


The foundations of my yoga teaching and personal training practices span my entire life, beginning from my early experiences as a competitive gymnast and power tumbler, and through my undergraduate and graduate studies in kinesiology, biochemistry and education from the University of Ottawa, and certification as a personal trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. I strive to provide empowering, mindful and trauma-informed instruction, whether in an energetic Power Flow or meditative Hatha class. A personal mantra is that happiness, like love, increases when it is shared; I teach to share happiness, light, and good health with those who practice with me, to model positive lifestyle values for my daughter, and to help grow the encouraging, inspiring and supportive fitness and yoga community that exists in our beautiful city.


Maggie Thomas RYT-200 elicits a true passion for advancing peoples practice. In every class she conveys her passion to open minds, warm hearts and align bodies.  She believes in healing via functional movement patterns and optimal body alignment.  Her integrated knowledge of the human body and movement allows her to offer personalized information and hands on assists to cultivate connection with any student.  She brings a warm, caring and fun energy to each yoga experience, and intertwines it with practical anatomy and alignment.  Maggie finds inspiration in seeing growth and transformation in her students.


I received my 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Power Yoga Canada (Baptiste methodology) and Blooma Prenatal Yoga. I love the combination of these styles as they both come from a place of empowerment and growth. I teach because I am a Naturopathic Doctor and by teaching in the community I can help my patients fully integrate exercise into their lives and make positive change, both on and off their mats. Teaching yoga also holds me accountable to my own personal growth both mentally and physically. I love the community at ARC, and feel so fortunate to be a part of it!


I started practicing yoga in university as a means to help heal injuries and relieve stress. I continue to incorporate yoga into my life as a way to help prevent injury to my body, mind and spirit and to set aside some “me time” to ground myself on and off the mat. In 2013, I finally took the plunge and completed my 200hr RYT at Power Yoga Canada. What was once a pastime has become a passion that pushes my limits requiring creativity, vulnerability, and confidence. For me, teaching yoga is an empowering and humbling experience. If you want an energetic, light-hearted and powerful (maybe inverted) class, come visit me at ARC!


Exuding with energy and being passionate about living life, I obtained my first certification in well-being as a Fitness Instructor Specialist as well as being a wife, Mother of 2, and working full time in Pathology. As yoga started to play an integral role in today’s society, I became a student of this practice and realized its many contributions to healthiness. Being passionate about learning and travelling, I obtained my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate in India certifying in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. I’m also certified in Pilates level 1, Yoga for Runners, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. As a recent retiree, I completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and have recently certified in Aerial Yoga, level 1. My role as a teacher is to help yogis find release and strength both physically and mentally. I seek to help them discover themselves while creating balance in their day to day life. I enjoy teaching at the ARC yoga studio because of the support, inspiration, empowerment, personal connections and the spirit of freedom.


I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  I received my Transcendental Meditation initiation 17 years ago and has been practicing meditation since. I studied Ashtanga Yoga with Kathryn Beet at the Yoga Space Studio in Toronto and completed a teachers training with the school in 2003. I also completed my Moksha Yoga (Hot Yoga) teacher training with Ted Grant in 2005. I teach yoga because yoga can change lives.  Yoga allows us to connect fully with our bodies in ways that deepens our internal and external relationships. Both meditation and yoga for me is a way of life and it confirms daily this concept of loving-kindness. As a teacher I am given a unique opportunity to connect to others and myself physically, emotionally and Spiritually. As a teacher I want to impart these same gifts to my students and all who I come in contact with. Yoga is both healing and revealing and helps us to make better life choices.